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Android Application Development: The Biggest Perk to the Mobile Technology

Written on January 3, 2017

Android app development is by far the biggest perk to mobile technology. In what sense? Well, for starters let’s go over these facts:

  • Android development is developing apps and games for the Android operating system, which has more users than any other mobile OS like Windows Phone, iOS, or Blackberry.
  • In 2009, there were only 2,300 apps for Android. By 2012 the number scaled to a high of more than 500,000. And finally by the middle of 2015 the figure soared above 1.6 million apps. Right now we have 2 million+.
  • In-app purchases, interactive ads, and box ads in Android apps are such an effective method of money generation that most developers aim to launch a free app (in contrast with a paid one) without even thinking about it. It’s also true that Android’s market is less spending-friendly, unlike iOS.

In a pinch, Android is a great platform for developers to gain exposure and for users to meet their requirements. There are so many apps, and what do you think they do? They fulfil the society’s desires and requirements.

Now of course there’s no cap on how many requirements we might have, but you can be sure that whatever your requirement is, there is a selection of Android apps to choose from. Once you get your match, you just have to install it with one touch, and it’s updated frequently thanks to the activeness and determination shown by the Android developers.

Bug fixing, new device support, and testing for new OS versions is seamless in Android apps. Nothing ever gets lagged behind. And if something does, a dozen alternatives arise to replace that.

Android app development has revolutionized mobile technology by offering a daunting competition and a wild choice of apps, games, and utilities for daily life as well as specific circumstances.

With the internet becoming more and more integrated and converged, Android apps are also utilizing the benefits of a direct connection to the internet – sync, social sharing, integration of data channels that derive data from internet, etc.

The growing app market of Google Play Store means a bright future for this field.

And now with more devices to leverage Android apps, things are just getting started it seems. Just imagine a future where all our devices from Google Glass (or other such technology) to our smartwatches and smartphones, our TVs and our home itself, are connected to one source. All our data and information we need streamlined, personalized, and fed through appropriate channels at the ideal time.

This is the future, and no one can say otherwise. This revolutionized mobile technology will only be brought closer to reality by Android development. To handle and manage such devices and complex systems with the least hassle – we’ll need interactive apps with amazing UI. Those apps will be specific, and central to the development of society.

No wonder we believe Android development to be the biggest perk to mobile technology ever, as no other thing in the mobile technology segment holds so much promise and hope.

Android app development is here to stay, and revolutionize our mobile technology even further. It’s high time you started with it!

Authored by Charles Madison. Charles loves to experiment. He’s known as a guy who can explain all design languages in the world to you in one breadth. His Android development career began when he first tasted fame with his first Android app – a basic app about calculating taxes. Charles hasn’t looked back since then. To know more about his work, visit:







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